Day 1
What Great HR Really Is

Day 2
It's All About You
Day 3
Closing The gaps

Learn the “HR value-add” hierarchy and where to focus your efforts

Hear from “C-level” executives what they want from HR leaders

Understand reactive vs. proactive HR and how to balance long-term with the day-to-day

Learn what the “seat at the table” is really all about…and decide what chair do you want?

Start work on a case study from your job and receive feedback from your peers

Receive powerful 25-item HR performance feedback that you and your selected business partners complete prior to the program

Get results from an influence and conflict instrument to learn how you work with others and what is needed to move your company's HR agenda

Understand what it takes to lead the HR function & team

Give/receive peer-coaching

Continue work on the case study with your peers

Learn the powerful “Drivers of Performance” model…the only tool you’ll ever need to diagnose and close performance gaps in your business

Get up to date on current practices to boost and measure employee engagement

Hear from notable guest experts what other organizations are doing to effectively manage talent

Wrap up work on the case study with your peers

Create a personal action plan and establish your coaching agenda for the 2 post-program coaching sessions you will have with one of the facilitators

Program Overview
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